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Architecte dplg Crillon le Brave Vaucluse, PACA France

icon Existing Conditions Survey - Diagnosis

Evaluates, from the design phase, the capacity and flexibility of use modification of any proposed work and its ability to adapt to future technical and economic demands of society. Considering the future of any short-term work, and in the longer term for future generations in terms of its social utility.

icon Outline Proposals – Project Design

The architect defines successive stages in exchange with his client an architectural project for obtaining the Building Permit. It is the administrative application file and supports the customer in their dealings with the administration. Advice, guidance and support bring your ideas to a successful construction project.

icon Coordination – Buiding Contract Work

The business consultation package includes plans and a detailed description of the work, and assistance for the signing of contracts. Site supervision includes control of work, coordination of different companies, monitoring payments schedules of companies, receipt of the work.



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    Coaching is professional assistance and personalized advice based on the meeting(s) completed, or not, a sketch [...]

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    Minimum documentation license request file to build. The information provided by the applicant (Article R.431-5 of the Town Planning Code) [...]

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    The program must be set by the client. The architect can help define their needs and transcribe the writing [...]

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    Various works and developments affecting land use are subject either to the issuance of a license to develop, or to the obligation to make a prior declaration (Town Planning Code, Article R. 421-18 [...]

You can find us on 3 Chemin de la Madeleine, Crillon le Brave, Departement Vaucluse, France.

Helping you build your ideas in balance to; Function - Construction - Shape.

3, Chemin de la Madeleine, Crillon le Brave 3 Chemin de la Madeleine, Crillon le Brave, France

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Architectural firm, Gerard Wijbrandts, span national and international, covering all areas of building from planning studies to the design of the most subtle decoration details.

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